PrimeExam: The Premier Exam Creation Tool

This page describes the key benefits and features of PrimeExam that will help save you valuable time in preparing exams, tests, and quizzes for your class.

Turn Your Old Exams into a Re-Usable Question Database

If you currently have exams stored as Microsoft Word™ files or text files, PrimeExam can convert them to question banks automatically. Simply choose Auto-Convert from the main menu and the conversion wizard will guide you through this straightforward process. You can even preserve formatting information and use different question types. There is simply no other exam preparation software with the ability to perform this kind of time-saving file conversion!

With the auto converter, you can build a re-usable database of questions from your old files that PrimeExam can create new new exams with instantly. Questions can be edited and categorized by subject area, source textbook, and other criteria you provide, resulting in a deep knowledge base for your exam preparation needs.

Prepare New Exams in a Snap

When you have created one or more Banks, it's easy to produce exams. PrimeExam's intelligent random selection lets you create sensible, non-overlapping question sets easily, because each question is coded with an index number that prevents conflicts.

You can group questions into collections and subject areas as well, and then select from those. Or just drag and drop questions from banks into exams if you like - these methods can be combined in any manner you wish. PrimeExam lets you monitor your question distribution across subject areas and categories as you build banks and exams, too.

Print Exams and Keys in Multiple Forms with just a Few Mouse Clicks

PrimeExam provides powerful tools when your exam question set is ready for printing. You can control the fonts, question appearance, page layout, headers, footers, and numbering of your exam pages. Questions may also include images.

To thwart cheaters, multiple forms of an exam can be created very simply. Each form scrambles the question order so that over-the-shoulder peeping or lists of answers are much less effective for students than simply learning the material.

Each exam form is printed along with a separate key, so that grading is still easy.

Keep Question Banks Up-to-date Easily

PrimeExam's question bank editor lets you view summary lists of questions, organized however you choose - by question text, subject, index number, question type, image use, etc.

A single click on a question in the bank listing brings it up in the editor, where you can change any aspect of the question information, including textbook reference, subject area, answer key, and so on.

Each multiple choice, essay, short answer, or true/false question has a level number, so that more difficult questions in each subject area can be coded for advanced classes or special-credit work.

Choose the Edition that's Right for You

We offer three editions of PrimeExam, depending upon your needs and budget:

PrimeExam MC is our least expensive program, for instructors who wish to create basic multiple-choice tests, but do not need to convert existing documents into question banks or do sophisticated print formatting.

PrimeExam SE is our budget-priced Standard Edition, which adds the ability to perform automatic conversion of your old exam documents into multiple-choice question banks.

PrimeExam Gold is our premium product, which gives the instructor the ability to include essay, short answer, and true/false questions in their exams, add images to questions, and provides sophisticated control over page format, fonts, and exam layout.

Try it for Yourself - for Free

PrimeExam was developed in close cooperation with Charles Brown, PhD, a college professor who's had decades of experience preparing exams the hard way - so every program feature has been carefully thought out to save the instructor's valuable time. But you don't have to take our word for it!

The TryOut version allows you to work with any of our three editions, MC, SE, or Gold.

To get a free trial version of PrimeExam, visit our tryout page and discover just how much time you could save by using PrimeExam as your exam preparation tool.